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Wondering What Other Companies Think?

Don't take my word for it, ask these recruiters and company owners.

"hired 10 out of 50 leads..."

"helped us structure our candidate pipeline..."

"saving me a lot of time..."

"able to reach people I can't..."

"schedules appointments for me..."

"Increased employee leads..."

"I would like to say that working with Mitch at M3Traffic has been great. It has dramatically increased employee leads compared with other advertisements I've run in the past."

- Joe N.

"pays for itself 10x"

"ALIS by M3Traffic has been an incredible system for us. The response rate we are able to achieve from our leads has increased at least 27%. When you couple that with the cost of our leads it pays for itself 10x."

- Randy K.

"worked for us beautifully"

"Your program has worked for us beautifully. I’ve never had so many guys follow thru on the processing part until we got the leads from you."

- Christina W.

"M3Traffic has been a life saver..."

"It is so easy to maneuver and with such great features like scheduling interviews and the ability to send mass texts/email in the future, I am able to keep in touch with candidates at a later date. Successful recruiters realize that most of recruiting is following up with candidates, even though it's hard. With your system, it does it for us, making our job a little easier. We couldn’t keep up with all the candidates we have without your follow up system. Most of our tenured drivers are because of your follow up system."

- Jasmynn F.

"absolutely the best..."

"Mitch Adams and his team at M3Traffic are absolutely the best. They are responsive to our request and always available for a call or email. M3Traffic allows us to pinpoint the market we want to target and gets us the leads we need. Our quick response to a lead allows the applicant to know that we care and are interested in them working for our team. The key to hiring is how quickly we get back to the prospect. We have found that answering the phone when someone calls or texting back immediately is the most important thing we can do. M3Traffic is a valued partner of all DTI Companies!"

- Dave T.

"best recruiting investments..."

"This has been one of our best recruiting investments to date! It is like having an extra person in the office working 24/7! The real time AI text and email engagement with prospects has been a game changer and showed an immediate increase in applicants. M3Traffic allows our prospects to immediately schedule an interview on our calendar with zero involvement from us. The feature packed Follow Up Software has made us much more organized when dealing with prospects, giving us all of their information at a glance and allowing us to categorize, make notes and assign tasks, all with a few clicks!"

- Ben C.

"provided highest quality..."

"I've used a lot of recruiting and lead generation services of all types, from job boards to industry publications. The biggest problem I run into is that many leads don't even have a CDL. M3Traffic has provided the highest quality and best screened leads out of all of them. Plus, they automatically engage with the drivers to invite them to schedule a phone screening interview. That was a game changer for me as well."

- Doug Woodcock

"filled our trucks in under 3 weeks..."

"M3Traffic helped fill all of our trucks in less than 3 weeks after we got the ads rolling. It had been 2 years since we were able to find 1 good lead. Working with Mitch and McKay has been money well spent."

- Adam G. at Global Construction Transport

"super easy to navigate..."

"Working with M3Traffice was a good experience for me. The platform was easily customized for us and is super easy to navigate!

I was able to reach out to a lot of really great people and hire drivers quickly. Support was never more than a phone call or email away.

I enjoy working with M3traffic and would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to hire drivers quickly and effortlessly.

Thank you, M3Traffic!"

- Amy Gerwin at Legacy Express

"transforming recruitment standards..."

“M3Traffic has significantly helped our efforts in recruiting drivers - doubled our monthly hire rate! We were attempting to use Indeed alone before and realized that the influx of driver applications was not up to our standards. M3 introduced their approach and proprietary solutions and in the past 6 weeks we have hired 3 highly qualified drivers with several others in the pipeline.”

- Evan Palmieri at Golden State Consolidating

"As a brand-new company, finding our first driver seemed to be an incredibly stressful task until we engaged with M3Traffic..."

“Working with M3Traffic was amazing. Not only was it a breeze to get our system set up and

leads flowing in, but we had great support from the M3Traffic team along the way. As a brand-new company, finding our first driver seemed to be an incredibly stressful task until we engaged with the team. The driver- leads that M3Traffic was able to source for us gave us a thorough list of qualified options for our first driver. We found the hardest part of the entire process of working with M3Traffic was deciding which candidate would be our first hire.”

- Olivia A. at W. Sconnie Transport